Meet the people who live and breathe the park 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They get up in the morning with the birds in the treetops, and go to sleep with the flower petals. If, for most of us, the park is a place for leisure, sports, relaxation, and picnics, for them the park is a reason for living. They know all the secret paths, the far-off benches, the magical spots by the riverbanks, the most beautiful settings for gazing at the sunset or the stars, and the most special trees. These people need the park like others need air to breathe – as much as possible and as close as possible.
When we planned our three new projects in the Shenkar neighborhood, as close to the park as possible, we thought about these people. About you. The park people.

3 Rehovot HaNahar – Closer to the park

A stunning 8 story green building in a superb location with a mix of classic 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments alongside a 4 bedroom garden apartment. On the top floor, a 4 bedroom penthouse enjoys a huge balcony with magnificent park views.

HOME is Where The PARK is

How close do you want your park? Close, closer, or closest? The boutique building on Rehovot HaNahar – the greenest and most desirable street on the edge of the park, close to the safari and river – guarantees you an exceptional residential experience. Designed by Gidi Bar Orian, Tel Aviv’s top urban renewal architect, these spacious luxury apartments feature meticulous planning down to the last detail.

Founded in 1990 by architects Tal and Gidi Bar Orian, the firm is one of the leading names in urban renewal in Tel Aviv and Jaffa. Through its many conservation projects, including additions to existing buildings and integrating new construction into the urban fabric, Bar Orian has had a significant architectural influence on the city. The firm adapts historic structures to modern needs using various strategies, yet always with love and respect for the city’s past. Selected projects: G Tower Tel Aviv, Arison House, Hashoftim Tower, American Colony, B-Unique, Southern Customs House, Recanati House, 23 Geula, 96 HaYarkon, etc.

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The Contractor: Gotlib Responsible Building
Founded in 1997 by Arie Gotlib, this highly experienced developer and contractor provides professional, meticulous, personal service to both residents and industry professionals. The company is committed to eco-friendly construction and locally-sourced products. Its advanced computer systems enable it to successfully complete projects within tight schedules while maintaining outstanding quality.

The Developer: Yoav Krinsky Investments Ltd.
Yoav Krinsky has more than 20 years of experience in luxury residential real estate development, particularly in central Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan. He is a partner and manager in several real estate companies: Acropolis, Cosmopolis Investments, and Krinsky-Gotlib Ltd.

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30 Asaf st., Ramat Gan
90 Yarkon st., Tel Aviv
22 Asaf st., Ramat Gan
9 Ruth st., Ramat Gan
18 Avigail st., Ramat Gan
7 Itamar st., Ramat Gan
9 Rehovot HaNahar st., Ramat Gan
14 Avigail st., Ramat Gan
16 Rehovot HaNahar st., Ramat Gan